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Russia is preparing for the last war

Our enemies are numerous, powerful and insidious. They are convinced that the defeat in the war with Russia - it will certainly perish. But you can not fight! Then destruction will not be! We see this idea is too subversive to our enemies ...

Russia prepares for war

Author - Alex Orlovsky

Many think that Russia does not make sense to fight. Our country is supposedly and so is under the control of the United States, and who we will just destroy, it's our own government. For these reflections have reason. Watching the truth, since the collapse of the Soviet Union and until now we really are a colony of the United States.

Russian occupation

We linked hands and feet economically, politically, and ideologically. Our Constitution forbids us to have a national idea, officials mired in corruption or doing odd games in Europe, and our economy is completely dependent on the US shadow systems, such as the Federal Reserve. (The whole issue in Russia is only a single-channel way - through the purchase of the dollar and the euro, yen and pound less on the foreign exchange market by the Central Bank. Foreign exchange reserves are not the foundation of the economy. The economy is fully controlled). The results we can see everywhere. Yes, compared with the 90-mi years we have ceased to die, but we do not develop.

In such a situation to fight us really makes no sense. We are controlled and do not represent a force.

In recent years the political direction of the country has changed. Despite the imposed burden on our country, we are trying to assert their rights. Creation of the Customs Union, defending the interests of Syria, the establishment of an independent external economic space, all of this, together with the maturing of the American crisis, makes our "neighbors" to review the relationship with us. The Yankees do not forgive insults and torn operation in Syria, we somehow have to answer yes. Well, if only economically. But are we ready for war in case of attack?

Russian Army in 2013 and its preparations for war

The state budget for 2014 and the following two years, suggests a fantastic increase in military spending. In three years, the military budget will increase by 1.27 trillion rubles ($ 40 billion), or more than 60%! In total in 2016 to maintain its security of the country will spend 106.4 billion. Thus, Russian military spending equal to China and share with him the second place in the world after the United States for the costs of weapons. Only the official part of the program for the Russian Army in the next 6 years will be built:

Military aircraft

 600 aircraft. Now the ranks of about 1,200 combat aircraft. The increase in the number of aircraft the Air Force at 50%. The qualitative leap defies of calculations, since instead of the old aircraft of 20-30-year-old will be delivered to the latest cutting-edge developments, such as the T-50, Su-35, Su-34, MiG-29K, etc.

Attack helicopters

1124 helicopter. Now the ranks of about 700 combat helicopters. There will be an increase in the number of helicopters of the Air Force for 150%


 2300 tanks. Now the ranks of not more than 3000 tanks, from which the modern T-90, only 300 pieces. There will be a quantitative increase in the number of armored forces by about 100%, not to mention the fundamental qualitative leap. The new tanks will be built on a new platform, "Armata". The tank has a unique layout - the crew is placed in a separate armored capsule. Arms and ammunition complete - in a single, fully automated crew compartment. Engine-transmission compartment is located in well protected aft. The tank is protected in frontal projection, enhanced protection is also on the sides and top. The tower is uninhabited, with this in mind, made in a rather narrow way. The main armament (smoothbore 152mm gun, capable of firing guided missiles) is located in the tower and is quite high, which is also an advantage. In the conduct of the shooting because of the obstacles put forward enough trunk and monitoring devices, while the entire tank is located in a protected area. The machine is equipped with a powerful (1600 hp) diesel engine and automatic transmission

Surface fleet

51 new surface ships. Now I build 220 surface ships with an average age of 24 years. Qualitative and quantitative increase in the fleet of about 25%. Including the Navy arrive at least 4 helicopter carriers "Mistral" Russian-French production.

Submarine Fleet

16 modern multi-purpose submarines +7 nuclear strategic submarines of "Borey" (now in the ranks of 75 submarines mainly old type).

The qualitative leap

In addition to the quantitative indicators that are comparable or even superior to the composition of modern aircraft, it should be noted fundamentally new qualitative level of technology. If you now make up the basis of samples of about 30 years ago, the new equipment is modern. 10 battalions of S-500, 28 regiments S-400, 2.5 thousand new tanks "Armata" - is only a partial list of advanced technology.

Aggressive military budget

Recall that the adopted budget differs another unprecedented feature: as much as 24.8% of all cost items of the budget of the Russian (and not only the military sector) are classified as "secret." The program re-up to 2020, may be the only official part. It is necessary to remember that before World War II, Stalin also built around pasta and tractor factories, not only military targets, but these pasta plants could produce not only pasta, but the cartridges and tractor - were designed for the production of tanks.

The fact that the secret development is still under way, can testify, and the fact that the combat missile trains, destroyed after the collapse of the Soviet Union by an agreement with the United States, suddenly were again seen in the composition of the armed forces. At least declassified version serves as the air defense system called "Club-a." Moreover, the system is placed not only in the guise of civil rail cars, but also on the civilian ships or maybe disguised as a normal lorry. As for the nuclear version, there is no information.

Export influence

Annual income from the Russian arms exports over $ 12 billion. Russia supplies about a quarter of the world's weapons. In this context, I recall the case in Iraq when the war started, many of Iraq's US-made planes could not take off, being deactivated from the satellite. Supply of arms - is not just a trade, it is also a control.

Training Staff War

Even according to official figures in Moscow in late 2014, it is planned to create a National Center for the Defense of the State - Supreme High Command during the war. It should be noted that generally rate high command has already created during the fighting rather than in anticipation of them. And certainly, that such things are not done just so. It is noteworthy that the rate of the high command - this is not the General Staff, and a large-scale organization. General Staff became just one of its parts. First of all, the rate becomes a political and economic center for the duration of hostilities. Of course, we are talking about the command economic system. As for politics, it seems, this structure was created for the wartime dictatorship.

A source

Conversation with a retired FSB-Schnick

Author - Igor Lebedev

He retired with the rank of major. Well, to tell you guys ... he has never seen such tight steel eyes. Here's how glass buttons, by golly! Even Zyuganov - and I was half a meter - the eye is much more alive. In general, I experienced a shock. From that picture, he drew me. Clarity of thought striking - where there is me, the humanities! His look as if hovering over the overall picture, choosing what you want and laying in front of me. Time! - And we have clearly seen a vector of development of a process or influence ...

We talked for several hours - could not tear myself away from it, was so shocked by his clarity of picture of the world, as well as clarity of presentation, that when he went out to smoke, obediently trotted behind him (although it can not stand the smell of tobacco). Well, I envied him. It is this clarity of thought. I listened avidly as would like to learn. When we said goodbye, I have everything inside was buzzing. He was not himself, probably half a day. Well, the information dumbfounded. So I'll just recount the essence.

1. Putin - is good. He is no agent of the State Department. To power it has led the FSB, not Berezovsky. First, for Putin we had all the law enforcement agencies. But then he began to shake up everything, removing unnecessary, harmful and - especially - the people loyal to the West. Now he sincerely hates all the top leadership of the FSB, and the army counter-intelligence. All against him. "For" it remains only the GRU. Support for Putin is minimal, it is barely holding on.

2. Putin is not all can. He is under very strong pressure. And the, and the West. But so far held. How he survived - it is unknown. But if he leaves, the Russian end.

3. In general, it is unknown what will happen to Russia. Good prospects are practically no. Too many people want to pull apart into pieces. It holds only Putin. In general, when a contact On the topic of what will happen to Russia, at once gloomy, appeared in his voice full of despair. "What, all so bad?" "Still worse. Too large forces are interested, we did not have to. And they do this for everything. "

4. give the Kuril Islands. Already given. Only gradually. Putin is limited, but can not do anything. The game involved excessive force.

5. Serdyukov had appointed Minister of Defense. Among themselves fiercely at odds two groups of high-ranking military, that had to take a person from the outside. The options were not. If have any military of this group - it would strengthen it so that it would be erased from the face of the earth to another. A balance was needed, so they took civil. All the military were somehow tied to the warring factions. Also Serdyukov did not find anyone. In addition, a need someone completely loyal to Putin (of these, in fact, a little, almost from whom to choose, Putin cut off from all). And he has at least some experience was a big manager.

6. Moscow Mayor Sobyanin - zero. No one. Gray. His plays Formation. Previous general was a bandit. Against him brought a separate case, back in the mid-90s, was appointed a special investigation team to the FSB, which collected compromising material. As already gathered, the team entered the top to put the folder in a safe and forget about it.

7. Khodorkovsky - good. Not in the sense that fairly earned the first capital. He got just grab, like everyone else. However, becoming a billionaire, he began to deal very intelligently, honestly and transparently. Virtually the only decent person was. That's why he was punished - that his background remaining oligarchs did not look quite so dirty. In general, in order not to show off its particular. So it definitely should be released.

8. Yeltsin - bad. He helped come to power, the West. I have told in detail how it was done. They told how dragged the country under Yeltsin. And some of the facts I had not previously heard. The process of stripping was stopped by the patriotic forces of the FSB, bringing Putin to power.

9. Gorbachev - bad. Weak-willed, cowardly, and - this is particularly important! - stupid. The interviewer talked a lot about the peculiarities of his actions and thinking.

More was a lot of any specific information - both economic (which is already sold, what else will sell), and political - someone for whom, who can be against someone digs, what are the warring factions ... It's very interesting talking about the West, as in what direction it puts pressure on Russia. Generally, when speaking on the subject had changed the face - there is something between an expression of respect for the force of hatred and terror. That horror. My companion did not find it necessary to hide the horror. In general, learning the guy just phenomenal - even in retirement for 10 years ... With his communication, communication is still supported. All this info got through their own channels, but I said that, in principle, all this can be taken from the press. You just need to be able to compare different sources. He repeated this several times.

I ended the conversation very interesting:

- What can you say about the relationship between Medvedev and Putin?

- Nothing. Do not tell (allowed himself a little, almost imperceptible smile).

- Why? Do not you know?

- From what? I know. But as they say, it is not necessary to introduce people into temptation (smiled a little wider).

- That is, you know?

- Yes.

- And your know?

- Yes.

- And no one say?

- No. Do not tell anybody. Never.

- That's exactly what I thought?

- I will not say.

And he looks at me with steel impenetrable eyes. Smile stopped.

- I can not write about all of this in my blog?

- I do not care (shrug). Just do not specify the circumstances under which we met. And when he was talking.

 Igor Lebedev, a publicist from Moscow

Surkov about Putin: "I was next to the great man"

Permanent columnist for "Russian pioneer" Vladislav Surkov, at the request of the chief editor of "RP" Andrei Kolesnikov broke his nearly three-month silence following the resignation from the post of deputy prime minister and told him what he thinks about Putin, about the opposition about his resignation and the fact of what is his life.

AK: - You once said that God had sent Putin's Russia. Now, when he fired you, you still think so?

VS: - In the divine scale of my dismissal has not changed anything. So that there is no reason to think otherwise. Yes, God. Yes, I called. To save Russia from a hostile takeover. White Knight - and just in time. In the latter, we can say, an hour. A fired at my request. At that time - reacted with understanding. Thank you.

- You promised to talk about the reasons for leaving, when appropriate. That time has come? What are the reasons? I do not regret that went? Some believe that it was just an emotional decision, related to short-term issues generally.

- Out of their own accord. So it is written in the Decree of the President. And there is. The decision was certainly emotional. Like all important decisions taken by normal people. The emotion lasted two years. So nothing momentary.

- What then?

- The reasons are absolutely personal. Based on a purely personal, very subjective views about what should be tolerated and what - in any case.

- And what is it?

- Yes, this is interesting. Because there are too subjective. And ends with a long answer to your question - I do not regret.

- Where did the version that you are somehow there in connection with the failure of the May decrees Putin's left?

- From the principle of corporate culture. Any corporation claims that it arrives no one on their own, everything - by the will of the corporation. And I do not mind. Private business has become, as it were public. So what would have happened? Well, I left, well on their own, some trinkets. And there is not just left, and for the cause, due to the large tasks. That is the value left. In a warning, so to speak, to young people.

- Nobody believes that you can get away from big politics.

- So that's gone away. Fact.

- It was said that the opposition can go.

- Rave. I understand that you, as a journalist must sometimes retell someone else's nonsense. What opposition? After all that was between us .... They are either of my opponents, or enemies directly. There is no support for them. No respite to them. Of course, my money is now not the same. But never mind, one will guerrillas. If their ideas are toxic if they are lying to good people. If, as the hypocrites, pretending a saint, what to do with them? They must fight. They say the opposition is useful. This was when the benefits of stupidity and lies? Well, can not improve to the individual, torn severe forms of frustration, deprivation, malingering. Do not they have to treat the society and the society of them.

- Now that life has changed, how do you feel? Easier? Freer?

- Why free? I was in captivity, and good practice. Great and glorious. So I feel, as always. Always free.

- What is freedom for you?

- Sartre said "Man is doomed to be free." That is, the freedom of the frustration - you can not go beyond what is boundless. Freedom - is a religious problem. Insoluble soul. The inevitability of separation and alienation of all from all. And most importantly - unreachable humility.

- Some kind of freedom you ... no easy.

- Such as there is.

- Then what about the eternal struggle for freedom of the people? The thirst for freedom? Something I doubt that people crave that what you're saying.

- For the thirst for freedom often take a simple meal of envy. Or symptoms of sexual failure. Or malnutrition. Overeating ... Why crave when every ordinary person this very freedom the whole ocean? No question, where to take it. The question is how to be with her? I'm certainly not about politics. Not on Human Rights on the free cheese and speaking nonsense. That is about freedom.

- You're wrong often?

- The little things constantly. But from such errors of little help. But two or three times I was able to make a mistake on a grand scale. And very well.

- What is it like?

- The theory of errors. Short Course. After tipping point and suddenly you realize that you are on the wrong track, without jerking. Feel free to go the wrong way. Just look around carefully. And what a good find. Although not what I wanted. Not that way often passes through amazing places. Wrong Way to India led Columbus to America.

Did not know.

четверг, 5 июля 2012 г.

скажем: ДА

скажем: ДА!
Мы всей Лысьвой в мае выбираем Городского округа главу,

Головы ломаем, думаем, гадаем: Как бы нам остаться на плаву?
Куча самых разных кандидатов, Кто из них всех лучше? Угадай. Есть одна подсказка:

чтобы жить как в сказке, Ты о них газетки почитай.
Каждый номер детектива стоит,

Тут к гадалке незачем ходить.

Дело непростое, где ж найти помощь,

Чтоб своих соперников облить?
Тот и этот в чём-то виноваты Только дать совет хочу я вам:

Выбрать кандидата, нужно нам, ребята, Не по этой грязи - по делам.

Каждый день и многие года В округе нам мило, коль гла

Шилову все вместе скажем да